Monday, December 17, 2007

Check out this video of myself, my B.F. Courtenay Semel and Victoria Harvey dishing out all things L.A. for Fashion Wire Daily. (There's also a sweet little mention of Beauty Banter!!!)



alex in wonderLAnd said...

Bravo! Nothing makes one more self conscious than a mic but you looked absolutely fantastic.

Joanna Schmidt said...

Okay, chickie, you are gorgeous! Who knew?

You look the MOST fabulous of the bunch (if you want me to be brutally honest).

Product Body

Angel Lust PR said...

Thank God some Hollywood rich girls still have class!!! The whole "sextape leaking" that let's face it who really buys into that BS!!! Solid Goals build character and a lasting satisfying life. Declasse' It girl acts by you your front row 15 mins of fame and then you're washed up 10 years later without so much as a B movie star career. FYI you look gorgeous everyone does and very well spoken. Please DON"T do a reality show ever PLEASE!!! Direct Direct and Beauty Banter!!!

Angel Lust PR said...

I wrote a lovely aricle please vist and comment.

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