Saturday, August 26, 2006

"100 New Beauty Rules You Need To Know For Autumn"

In the August 21 edition of British tabloid mag, Grazia, there is a brilliant article entitled, "100 New Beauty Rules You Need To Know For Autumn." This is a must-read for any true beauty whore! Unfortunately, the article isn't linked on line, but the glossy can be purchased from any major newstand (and I highly suggest that you spend the $4.75 to read the review!)
The article is jam packed with useful trends, tips and products for Fall.
To highlight a few:
"Buy a pink blush"
"Eyeliner's back!"
"Purple reigns" (as in eyeshadow)
"The new lip shade: geranium"
"Say good-bye to beach hair (this season, "it's back to looking like you've just stepped out of the salon," says Kate Moss's stylist, James Brown"(I've gotta say that this tip came in quite useful the other night as I was getting ready for a party, debating on how to wear my hair. For the first time in a year, I actually blew out my hair... and I was inundated with compliments. Hence, I've been blow drying on a more frequent basis).
"Get creative with ponytails"
"Lashes must be clump-free"(Duh!)
"Try the new nude lips"
"Keep nails short and dark" (again, love this trend as I ONLY wear dark polish!)
"Go brunette"
"Matte skin is in"

The entire article rocks, so if you want a copy, Email me with your email address and I will try and scan the article and send it to you! It's THAT good!


Anonymous said...

heidi Klume is rocking the color...great baliage..looks like neigan work at sally hershberger!!

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