Monday, September 11, 2006


Okay, that was too easy! Yes, Yes, Yes, the famous eyes were Mona Lisa. Now, I propose a challenge: guess these 7 famous eyes in order... whomever gets them ALL correct WINS! (the prize is to be determined - but it will have to do with a personal pic and profile exclusively on Beauty Banter!!!)
Good luck and have a BEAUTYfull day!









Erika said...

Oh geez, no hints?! Here's my attempt at guessing:

1- Jessica Alba
2- Sophia Loren
3- Beyonce
4- I have no clue!
5- Elizabeth Taylor
6- Kate Moss
7- Nicole Richie (?)

I'm definitely not winning, but I'm so curious now! Who the hell is number 4?!

alexandra said...

1. Jessica Alba
2. Marilyn Monroe
3. Katie Holmes?
4. Beyonce
5. Liz Taylor
6. Kate Moss
7. Bette Davis

Christina H. said...

Hi there! Really like your blog! Here are my guesses:

1. Jessica Alba
2. Marilyn Monroe
3. Jessica Simpson
4. Kate Bosworth
5. Elizabeth Taylor
6. Kate Moss
7. Susan Sarandon

Anonymous said...

why does jessica simpson look black?...must be her makeup artist!!!

Erika said...

When do we get the answers?! You're killing me! (Also, I can't believe I mistook Jessica Simpson for Beyonce. Hello, Loser!)

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