Monday, January 08, 2007


Sienna Miller as Edie Sedgwick from Factory Girl
Just saw FACTORY GIRL today... I'll discuss Sienna and her look after I digest the movie a little more but I found this amazing video on youtube about Edie Sedgwick. It's awesome. A must see. Please, take the time to view the first celebutante's inspiring style and hypnotic beauty.

Sedgwick spent hours each day on her makeup. "She would drive us insane sitting there with her makeup case, just endlessly, endlessly doing her makeup while everybody was starving and late for the party and wanting to go and becoming so irate," said Bibbe Hansen, another Warhol protégé (and, for the record, Beck's mom). "Yeah, it took a couple of hours, but when she was done, she looked fabulous."Source.
The real Edie Sedgwick
Please comment, do you think that Sienna and Edie look similar???


Anonymous said...

I think they did a great job making Sienna look like her. If you haven't read the book "Edie" I recomend it. Her childhood was tragick, and not many people know this but she had amazing artistic talent to draw and sculpt. I loved the footage, Its really important for people to see the wild hard partying glamourouse life doesn't get you anywhere but dead eventually, no matter how much cash you have.

B. Cohen said...

I haven't seen the movie yet, but Sienna definitely looks vaguely similar to Edie. I read that she prepared very hard for the role. I heard the movie is only playing at the Westside Pavilion..does anyone know why there was no publicity/premiere for it?

alexandra said...

Sienna definitely captured Edie in her physicality and that voice is uncanny but when you look at photos of Edie pre-Warhol she actually resembled Jennifer Garner or Katie Holmes. But the hair/makeup team transformed Miller brilliantly.

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