Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Jack and Jill went up the hill...

...And found the most fabulous make-up made easy!

Meet Jill Ventimiglia, founder of Jack & Jill Cosmetics (the products used by Tym Buacherern, Head Makeup Artist on the hit musical, Dream Girls).
At a recent Golden Globe gifting event, Kari Feinstein's Style Lounge, I had the pleasure of meeting this magical make-up artist. Her line is simple, a must-have for the modern day, multi-tasking woman. It's about feeling pretty without the fuss. As she says, "the solution to the commonly asked question of, 'what colors should I wear," are in the Face in Case palettes, which are designed with certain colorings in mind and filled with the essentials for the woman on the go." The palette's come in 8 color schemes, all named after iconic beauties like, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.
I had the privilege of snagging the Lucy-Light palette inspired by none other then Ms. Lucille Ball. The company says that, "this palette of neutral shadows and warm blushes complement a fair, freckled complexion." Although I'm not freckled or fair skined, I still gave the colors a try and I must say, not only did it totally cut down on my face time by having everything in one simple compact, but I really loved the blush combo's of vibrant peach and deep plum. I mixed them together and it made a phenominal color!
All of the make-up is mineral based, thus it does not cause break outs and is suitable for sensitive skin.
Also try the Eye Palettes (they come in 5 color combo's, 5 shades to a case) and the Lip Palettes (that come in 3 rocking color combinations with 3 shades in a case!)
Here's to the inner beauty icon in each of us!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah...love your site!!! I was wondering if you've ever tried any T.Le Clerc products. I was given a sample of their foundation, and I have to say that it gave me amazing coverage! Any thoughts/comments, do you recommend any of their other products? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Jack & Jill Cosmetics is awesome! I have the Audrey face palette and LOVE it. the colors are perfect for my skintone and it has everything I need in one case. I leave it in my purse so i can touch up before auditons. Jill did my makeup for my headshots. she is a great makeup artist too!!

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