Sunday, April 08, 2007


My internet connection wasn't working properly but I'm back in the states and ready to dish on my fave british products!!!

Jo Malone French Lime Blossom Bath Oil - Superbly subtle and soft. The perfect addition to a lovely bubble bath in London's regal Dorchester Hotel (where I stayed). Jo Malone is best known for their yummy candles but the bath oil is where it's at!

You can't go to London and not buy something from London beauty megahouse, Rimmel. (Kate Moss does the ads??? Ring a bell?) Well, my favorite product from Rimmel is their fabulous eyeliner. Not to mention, the prices are so reasonable, you can actually stock up ten at a time! Try Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil in Jet Black, a perfect basic that will make your eyes pop! Hey, if it's good enough for Kate Moss, it's good enough for me!

Boots Cucumber Facial Wipes, my new obsession. Everything that Boots makes rocks, and it's pretty damn cheap, but you must try these cleansing wipes! I use them to clean my make-up brushes. Ever since my friend Kim made me anal about clean brushes, I now clean my brushes after every application. And it actually does help the make-up application process!
Also to try:Boots Coconut & Almond Oil Creme Shower: Smells so fabulous and it's only about 3 dollars!!!
P.S. Boots is an ultra famous pharmacy chain in London, England and their products are simply divinie!

Ok, more to come tomorrow... I'm so tired, I must sleep.... jet lag!!!!!!!!!!!


alexandra said...

Boots, Rimmel --- why is it that the Brits who are stereotypically less beauty obsessed than us come up with the best inexpensive beauty lines? Rimmel makes a mascara that rivals anything I've ever used by Chanel or Lancome. And Boots, well don't get me started on the wipes....

just1ce said...

found this randomly, glad you came over ere n found Boots! That's well cool to see an American raving about it! i felt patriotic for a second lol!

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