Monday, April 02, 2007

Your Body Is Your Temple...

I have just discovered the most incredible new line of body products. Wel,, new to the United States. They've been around Italy for ages. But now, finally, they are avialable through
Cleo body products are fun, affordable and deliciously scented! As the company says, ""The Italian bath and body line is infused with natural moisturizing extracts from yogurt to continually improve the texture and elasticity of your skin."
I tried the Showercream in RED FRUITS and the KARITE BUTTER Body Cream. The showercream lathered perfectly but it also moisturized. I didn't leave the shower feeling dry or chapped. I immediately soaked my body in the Body Cream and, let me tell you, this is a gift from God. It is thick, rich, super hyrdrating and, best of all, the scent isn't so overwhelming, but rather light and a little mysterious. AND I didn't ahve to reapply throughout the day. The cream actually kept my skin moisturized! This is definitely a new favorite!

Try the entire line - it is affordable and a real treat for your temple (body!)


Teri said...

Ooh - I can't wait to try me some Cleo. I will definitely be checking them out!

Lyn said...

Just ordered a bunch of CLEO products from They are having a 20% off sale. Can't wait to try them, and I hope I love them as much as you do.

Lyn said...

Hi, I found your site while searching for "cleo" products. Just ordered a bunch of Cleo products from, after reading about them in the May issue of Lucky Magazine, which arrived today. They're currently on sale for 20% off. I can't wait to try them, and I hope I love the line as much as you do. I eagerly await your posts from London.

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