Monday, May 21, 2007

Kate + Hair = Super Hair!!!

Kate Moss is creating a hair care line?!?!?!?

Pardon Moi?

That's what the UK's The Sun is reporting... (CLICK HERE for article.)

Kate Moss and long time friend/ hairstylist, James Brown have announced that they will launch a hair care line with a yet-to-be named retailer. Kate will offer her image (that pricey mug!), but not her name.... sadness!

Just when you think someone is rich enough, they announce yet another money-making venture! The life of a super model in 2007.... must be nice! (now Kate will have even more money for her dirty little addiction!!!)

(I just love this cartoon drawing... can you GUESS who the other celeb is in this caricature??? - Leave your answer in the COMMENTS box!)


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Anonymous said...

well of course that is our dear ms richie!

Anonymous said...

What other celeb? It's only Blohan and Nicole "Skinny Bones Jones" Ritchie. Technically, one of them is only a 'celebutard', so I'm guessing you meant Blohan.

Valerie said...

Nicole Richie!!!

Anonymous said...

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