Friday, June 15, 2007

Movie Making...

... is the best!

We are having a great time, getting fabulous performances and, of course, beautiful shots!

I'm exhausted.... 7AM call time in the morning... but here are some stills from today's shoot.

"The Morning After"

Cameron Richardson (left) and Carla Gallo (right) - slating for the scene.

"Fantasy in Pink"

Cameron Richardson looking sexy in Cover Girl Cosmetics... at her vanity table.

"Prank Caller"

Cameron Richardson (that's a blue clay mask on her face... pretending to cover zits - FYI - in reality, her skin is flawless!)

Make-Up Artist and the Muse

Make-Up artist Sole Alberti giving last minute touch-ups to Cameron Richardson... moments prior to shooting the scene!

"Veronica and the Director"

Cameron Richardson (left) and Sarah Howard (me!!!) - blocking a scene - (through the mirror).

***All still courtesy of my fab cinematographer, Noah Rosenthal***

More stills to come...


Anonymous said...

Who are you in reality Sarah?An actres, a top model?

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