Monday, July 30, 2007

How Much Is Too Much?

Actresses love to show some skin. Hey, we, at Beauty Banter love it too! You got it, flaunt it!

But there is such a thing as TOO MUCH.

Case in Point: Claire Danes

She's come a long way from the gangly, awkward teen in My So Called Life but that doesn't mean she's gotta show us just how much her body has matured!

Let's first reflect on her nipple slip (oops!) at a taping for MTV Canada:

So, fine, you don't wanna wear a bra... I get it! But use some sticky tape, or a nipple sticker! Come on, you're on live TV and you're famous! The world is watching!

(Note to Brittney Spears: Underwear are mandatory. No one, and I mean NO ONE, wants to see your pussy cat!)

I have a fix, dear Claire! Next time, try using Bristol6, a fabulously fun line of nipple stickers and fashion tape! They come in amazing shapes like hearts, stars and butterflies and crazy colors like silver, gold and magenta! They're sexy and they do the deed. I tried the metallic stars and, if I had a boyfriend, he'd have been in heaven!

CLICK HERE to check out all of the Bristol6 styles.

And another pic, most recently from the Stardust premiere, Claire in a plunging, ass revealing black get up:

Girl looks great - beautiful highlights, flowing hair, soft, summer make-up, great, toned bod... but the butt is practically in our face!

As of now, I don't quite know any companies that make butt-covering stickers, but if anyone out there does, please inform!!!


Angel Lust PR said...

I wear bristol6 all the time. They are so much fun. Also I like to reuse them and I do it by applying eye lash glue to the adhesive part when it begins to wear away...

Sam said...

Butt stickers?! omg you are too funny! great post, gotta try these!

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