Wednesday, August 01, 2007

GapBody Introduces Bath & Skin Products

It was only a matter of time before insanely popular mainstream clothing company, The Gap, launched a bath line. After all, look at how successful Victoria's Secret bath line has become...

Welcome GapBody's Bath & Skin Collection. With 8 scents and 9 products (that makes 72 total!), these skin nourishing wonders are going to leave you begging for more! And the packaging looks hand-crafted and subtle, perfect to display on your tub or shelf, not hide away in the medicine cabinet!

Here are the Products:
mini hand cream ($4.50)
shower gel ($9.50)
hand cream ($10.50)
body scrub ($11.50)
body lotion ($12.50)
bath salts ($14.50)
body cream ($16.50)
body mist ($16.50)
bath oil ($18.50)

raincheck (cactus flower, hyancinth petals, crushed green leaves)
sugarsnap (pear flower, lotus, white woods, musk)
loveshack (raspberry, passion fruit, honeysuckle, jasmine water)
peacetrain (lavender, chamomile, green tea, sandalwood)
nightfall (tiger lily, ambers, oriental incense, dark woods)
island hop (coconut water, pineapple puree, hibiscus, white amber)
moonwalk (creamy paperwhites, vanilla orchid, nubuck suede, clean musk)
sunnyside (white peach nectar, pink grapefruit tonic, honeysuckle, blonde woods)

I tried the raincheck bath salts and shower gel and the moonwalk body cream. The bath salts were by far my favorite... they provided a beautiful bath time with a great aroma. The body cream and shower gel were a little too potent for my liking so I mixed them with Vitamin E (a little trick to dillude the scent) and they suited my taste much better!
Next to try: the body oil!

Let us know if you've used any of the products and, if so, what you thought?


Anonymous said...

There are a lot more on the way too. Men's fragrances are due out in the next month or so. Six new Gap Eaux de Toilettes have just launched, as well as Gap fragrances and grooming products for men, together with two new fragrances for the Banana Republic stores. All due out before the end of 2007.

cassie said...

i LOVE bath products! can't wait to try them out!!!

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