Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sentir Ou Ne Pas Sentir...

I love the french language. It's so... sexy. I also love the French parfumerie, Sud Pacifique. It's so... delicious. Their Vanille line is by far my favorite!

Basically, the company starts with a vanilla base and then fuses in another note. Vanilla and apricot, vanilla and pineapple, vanilla and peach... you get the point (14 luscious combos to choose from!). But what I love (besides the strong and bold scent of vanilla) is the light, breezy aroma that lingers on your body. It's not heavy like most perfumes, nor does it feel thick or overwhelming. The Vanille's are sort of erotic and enticing... just enough to leave you wanting more!

My scent of choice: The Vanille Coco; a pleasant mixture of... what else... vanilla and coco! It's richer then the vanilla and citrus based scents and muskier then the vanilla and apricot (a long-time favorite), but it has a sort-of Autumn feel to it (and considering summer is almost over, I'm investigating my fall scent of choice). It makes me feel like I wanna curl up with a great man and a nice bottle of wine and recite poetry... or whatever you do with a hot piece of male ass (I've practically forgotten... it's been THAT long!!!)!


Anonymous said...

This is my absolute favourite perfume line - I get ridiculously excited whenever they come out with a new vanille scent.

I like the vanille abricot, and now all my friends are hooked on the Comptoir Sud Pacifique line.

Love your blog, and I especially like the posts about your glamorous life - I live vicariously! H

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