Friday, September 14, 2007


I have pretty sensitive skin, but I love to wear make-up. So, getting all the product off of my face can be somewhat of a feat..
I recently tried British favorite, Boots No7 4 in 1 Quick Thinking Wipes and I'm OBSESSED!
They get all of the make-up off in one quick wipe WITHOUT irritating my skin. I use it for face make-up and eyes! It's fast and effective AND it doesn't cause me to break out! And you know what I really love.... Seeing all of the crud on the wipe... it just makes me feel so damn clean!

I do, however, wash my face afterward with my trusty cetaphil anti-bacterial face bar.

To order the Boots 4 in 1 face wipes, CLICK HERE!
Also available at your local Target.
At $6.99 for a pack of 30, how can you say no?!


coachwife6 said...

One of my fave products.

Girlfriend said...

I agree that they do a good job of taking off makeup; but the ones I have barely feel moist enough to go over my face!

IxLovexMAC said...


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