Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yet Another Splendicity Contest!!!

Readers and fellow beauty whores, partake in these contests!!! I want YOU to win!

To enter today's contest:

*Find the Splendid fragrance post. When you find the post written today that mentions ”splendid fragrance”, post a comment on that blog that you have found it.

*Then come back to the Splendicity blog, and post in the comments section that you found it – but don’t mention the name of the blog that you found it on or you will be disqualified.

*All commenters that complete the process will be entered into a drawing to win.


Today's prize is the fabulous fragrance Ralph Rocks, from Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Rocks has top notes of passion fruit, kiwi, and citrus, middle notes of

freesia, orange blossom, hyacinth, and palm leaves, and base notes of bleached wood, sandalwood, and amber. Awesome!

Thank you to Ralph Lauren Fragrances for sponsoring today's contest.

Please read the contest rules before entering. Thank You!


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