Wednesday, October 31, 2007

M.A.C. Presents... Kids Helping Kids

We, here at Beauty Banter, think that these Holiday cards are quite special. As part of MAC's fight against A.I.D.S., every holiday MAC has children living with, or affected by HIV/AIDS create gift cards and wrapping paper. With 6 cards, 12 gift cards and 2 patterns of wrapping paper, all featuring the most adorable children's drawings, MAC's Kids Helping Kids Program just got a lot more chic!

As always, ALL proceeds will go to the MAC AIDS Fund to support Pediatric AIDS organizations world-wide.

May this Holiday season bless those living with the disease, and may we, as a people, find a cure!

Thank-you, MAC!

12 gift cards with envelopes for just $6.00! CLICK HERE to purchase...


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