Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Nails are Purrrrty!

I'm totally into dark nail color for fall. So far, I've been wearing MAC's Nail Lacquer Nocturnelle. Basically, it's a shiny black hue and I'm obsessed! And then I saw friends and fellow beauty and fashionistas roaming around Los Angeles in similar colors - black with a midnight blue tint, deep purple that almost looks like black, etc. Apparently, black-ish colors are tres trendy this fall (singer Rihanna even donned the hue on her nails for the MTV Video Music Awards!)

Creative Nail Design (CND) make some pretty fab shades. Most recently, they were commissioned to design 8 nail colors for specific fashion shows, and tend to over 37,000 fingers & toes in 10 days at New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2008.

Sure this is a look into Spring nails, but, hey, let's stay ahead of the trends, right???

A word (or several...) from CND:

So, what looks will glamorous women go for when it comes to next spring’s manicures and pedicures?

Healthy, clear pastel tints, like lip gloss for the nails
Bright pops of hot pink
Dark nails are the new classic for dressed up events

Here are 3 looks from 3 shows:

Nail Noir, an aubergine crème, at Marchesa

Trophy, a vibrant pink, at Milly

Cold Shoulder, a metallic white and thin clean line of Voodoo black painted on the tip, at Jayson Brunsdon (a new take on the French Manicure... love it!)


Anonymous said...

i also like black nails with white tips!

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