Friday, November 09, 2007

Best of Scrubs... DAY 4, Part 2

Today's second scrub is: Philosophy's Pure Grace Scrub

What it is: Perfumed, hot sea salt in a giant tub with natural extracts to moisturize
What it does: "Scrubs away all of the dead, dull skin cells that are disguising your beautiful, radiant soul."
Claim to fame: Inspired by the fresh, clean smell of best-selling Philosophy fragrance, Pure Grace; unique and gentle glycerin-based formula exfoliates; skin will be left soft, but never oily; "tub and shower" scrub.
What we like: The enormity of this product! 23 oz. (and it feels like it)!!! And for $25.00, it's a bargain! After scrubbing, my skin looked incredibly shiny (and I mean, incredibly) and felt impeccably smooth. And the salts washed off without a problem... quickly too. This is definitely a high-powered, no nonsense exfoliator! The smell is super clean, but if you're anti-perfumes, this product is not for you... because it does leave a fragrant odor.

Rating: 8.75 out of 10


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