Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Lagerfeld Confidential

What better way to feel beautiful then to watch a documentary on style icon, Karl Lagerfeld.... I'm sure he's got plenty of tips to spread around!

Well, here's your chance! SporkFashion.com and American Cinematheque are giving away a pair of tickets to the premiere of the new Lagerfeld documentary, Lagerfeld Confidential.

About the film:

"Director Rodolphe Marconi’s groundbreaking portrait of the legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld, offers a surprising, intimate look at the life of one of the most fascinating and iconoclastic personalities alive today. Arguably one of the most influential fashion designers of the past century, Karl Lagerfeld transformed the House of Chanel from an elegant but stuffy couture has-been into a super sexy 21st century powerhouse, setting a fresh paradigm for the fashion industry and beginning an exhilarating new conversation between high fashion and popular culture."

For more information on the contest, CLICK HERE.

Lagerfeld Confidential will screen at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica on December 5, 2007, at 7:30pm.

Good luck!


Angel Lust PR said...

He is such a talent and icon/total diva. My friend Alexa used to run his label in NYC...Seeing him in person I can honestly say he and Anna Wintour look like a couple of wax figures.

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