Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Musings From a Fellow Beauty Enthusiast

L.A. weather is as fickle as a man. Some days, it's hot, the sun, shinning, making you happy and healthy. Other days, it's brutally cold and windy.
How is one supposed to keep up?

Alex Sears offers some great tips on how to stay moisturized and keep dry skin at bay.
She writes:

I loooved the scrub reviews...while Arcona Cranberry Gommage is currently my choice I am always ready to find something better!

Quick beauty note, which I will totally give credit to Lucky Magazine for...I am using Jojoba Oil for dry skin and scalp now that our bizarro weather has taken its toll. Dry skin banished, I co-hosted a baby shower over the weekend in a little jersey dress instead of head to toe coverage.

I also use Pure Necessities Shea Butter on elbows, heels, cuticles. And Barielle Intensive Nail Renewal Oil every night whether I have polish on or not. If I'm not outdoors on a photo shoot, I am typing an article or nails get thrashed and Barielle is a bit of magic.
Now, what is your favorite hair mask? Coloring and the weather mixed with natural wave ---- not so pretty. Keratasse? L'Oreal Prof? Something homemade? Help?!?

Be well, talk soon,

Any suggestions???


Beauty Banter said...

I actually love Pantene Pro-V volumizing deep conditioner... and it's super inexpensive!

other then that, I go with kerastase. I haven't really found very many incredible hair masks!

Something else that is really good - a homemade trick that Cindy Crawford LOVES - pure olive oil for an entire day. Put it in your hair and then wrap your hair in a) saran wrap or b) shower cap (this helps to store the heat - the heat mixed with the olive oil does wonders!)

beauty banter

Lulu said...

I really like the Fekkai Hair Masque with Shea Butter. It's expensive but it really works.


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