Thursday, November 29, 2007

Spice Girls Nails

So, as most of the world is well aware, The Spice Girls have launched a reunion tour.

New Songs? NOPE. New Member? NOPE. Loads of Money? OBVI!

What completely gets me is the fact that people actually want to see the old Spice Girls lip syncing and shaking their cougar asses on stage!

Anyway, since this is a beauty blog, I thought I'd bring you this juicy bit of beauty info:

  • "Professional Make-Up Artist Maria Louise Featherstone, who is responsible for ensuring both Victoria Beckham (aka Posh) and Emma Bunton (aka Baby) look their best throughout the upcoming Spice Girls World Tour, has chosen Zoya polishes in a range of bright and fashionable, long-wearing colors for the tour. Look for Freja (gunmetal grey; pictured above), Lola (neon pink), Charisma (neon purple) and Roxy (purple glitter) on stage. Featherstone also stocked up on Zoya Anchor basecoat and Armor topcoat to ensure the girls manicures are perfectly maintained throughout the grueling show."

Fascinating, isn't it? So, if you're a Spice Girl fan, just dying to don the same nails as them, hit up the Zoya website (CLICK HERE) and shop it up!

If not, well, don't.


Erika said...

S- you crack me up! The Spice Girls do nothing for me, either. But I do love me some Zoya polish!

mainey said...

I actually sell Zoya Nail Polish in my salon. I love it for it's long lasting color, brilliant shine, and unique color range. The Spice Girls will look the best wearing their Zoya Nail Colors.

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