Sunday, December 23, 2007


Okay, so YES, maybe she IS married to the most successful movie star in all of the land, but Katie Holmes' hair is anything but successful.

Is it just me, or does she look like she's wearing a wig? (And yes, I know that some of these photos are from x17, and yes, they will probably make me take them down... but, here's to wishful thinking. After all, it IS the Holiday season!)

Seriously though, I think that she's wearing a wig... and that Tom Crusie (and baby Suri) have aged her...

You be the judge!

Short hair is HOT or NOT?

Okay, this next one has GOT TO BE A WIG!!! Right?!?!?

Katie Holmes, pre-Tom, pre-Suri, and pre-Posh! Kinda HOT, NO?


Grayburn said...

Yup that is quite a big difference pre and post Tom!


amominred said...

I was really liking her short hair just before she cut those horrid bangs. She looked totally sophisticated...yes, older, but really good. Then the bangs...oh, so severe!

Angel Lust PR said...

so much sexier before the big bang!!! Longer hair was much more sultry.

alex in wonderLAnd said...

when you choose to have matching do's with your child, and that child is still in diapers, I think you're going for the wrong look. Still, we can't blame little Suri. Tom seems to be sporting a similar look and well, he's old enough to know better. :)

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