Friday, December 14, 2007


It's really cold... at least in L.A... random, I know, considering that Los Angeles isn't supposed to get cold!

Anyway, my skin is wilting... literally, drying up by the seconds. So, last night I decided to try a new product that I had received. Moisturizing and Conditioning Socks and Gloves... woke up this morning feeling a little less pruney.

Spa Sensials Intensive one-step Moisturizing and Conditioning Socks & Gloves are quick, easy and disposable. Just slide on the socks and gloves, chill for at least 15 minutes (watch TV, get a massage, etc.), then take them off and rub the remaining cream into skin (and chuck the old socks and gloves into the trash).

I suppose you could do this yourself with products from home... a shea butter lotion, a pare of socks and some mittens (or socks for your hands as well)... because in effect, what is really happening is that the sock is trapping the heat, thus creating a sauna-type effect on your feet and hands. This, coupled with the intense moisturizing qualities of the lotion (one with vitamin E and aloe vera is ideal), makes for a quality moisturizing experience!

But we like the Spa Sensials pre-soaked, pre-packaged ones. At $11.99 for 6 pairs of each (6 pairs of socks, 6 pairs of gloves), our only problem is that more don't come in the box! We could go through these things like our favorite Weleda Baby Calendula Cream (I apply about 4 times a day in this brutal winter weather)!


P.S. Great as a stocking stuffer!!!!


Anonymous said...

its not just LA thats cold. its also cold here in San Francisco.

Courtney said...

I just got these and am excited to try 'em out. We just got five inches dumped on us in Detroit and it's freezing! :-/

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