Saturday, January 12, 2008

Here Comes The Bride...

It's wedding season! And I have 2 weddings back to back weekends... tonight in Miami, next weekend in Colombia.

Celebrating love is great and all, but when you're single and attending stag, the wedding thing can be a bit of a drag. Thankfully, I can use it as an excuse to play dress-up and don some pretty serious make-up.

Both weddings are black tie... tonight I'll be wearing a gorgeous 3/4 length white chiffon with a black silk bust Behnaz Sarafpour flapper-esque dress with black patent peep-toe heels.

I'm thinking a simple eye - black liner and mascara, a cat eye of sorts - and crimson red lips (MAC's Russian Red from the Originals Collection). Ugh, but red is SUCH a commitment! There's nothing worse then a bleeding lip or lipstick-stained teeth. For the face, ivory powder for flawless skin, a hint of Nars' Outlaw and defined brows. That's about it.

I'll let you know how it goes. Of course, I'll be drinking it up at the singles table.


Beach Weddings said...

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Grayburn said...

Would you like to participate in our game of tag? The rule is that those that get tagged have to reveal the contents of their purse (check my recent post). Maybe you have already done this? But if not, it would be lovely!


Anonymous said...

were you at the Santo Domingo wedding?

Beauty Banter said...

YES! How did you know?!?!

casa naranja said...

How absolutely fabulous!
It was kind of obvious, to me anyway.
I know some people who were there as well :)

BTW: I ADORE your site


Pensacola Beach wedding said...

I'm always at the singles table :(

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