Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Canadian Specialty...

Mariame from Montreal just emailed this fantastic facial trick:

"I have an amazing beauty trick I'd love to share- especially if anybody is visiting Montreal or Quebec, look out for this: sea salt with eucaplytus and essential oils!! It is sold at Quebec's drugstore chain Jean-Coutu (the equivalent of Rite-Aid, Duane Reade, etc here). This inexpensive treat is part of Jean-Coutu's house brand, Personnelle.

Now, for ladies with oily skin (like me), try, try this: pour yourself a bath with this sea salt, enjoy the steam and over clean skin, use your favorite face scrub- Clinique's is the best. Everytime I do this, my skin looks phenomenal- not to mention the entire body benefits from the sea salt and essential oils!! You just feel refreshed and new, plus it does wonders for sore muscles.

I'm sure there must be an American equivalent for this product, so look for it! It is my Number One beauty addiction, seriously- and it's inexpensive."

Anyone know of the equivalent product here in the states? Or anyone from Canada ever try this product? I'm dying to own it!!!

Let us know!!!


alex in wonderLAnd said...

this sounds amazing. i think i'll see if pure sense by paula in studio city can whip something up. wonder what else is in the oils mix????

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