Monday, January 21, 2008


This is fantastic! Remember hair queen, Chris McMillan Salon A-list cutter, Jen Atkin's dream for 2008??? (for post, CLICK HERE)
But how does one achieve a long, flowing mane without the synthetics?

Jen just emailed me this great tip:

"Just thought of you as I was ordering this amazing Vitamin Supplement for a client. All of my girls I'm getting OFF of the extensions, and want their own hair to grow quick quick quick....these are the pills. I have 4 clients on them and they're hairs growing amazingly and it's not as harsh and less expensive as taking pre-natals."

What are the vitamin supplements, you ask?

Phyto - Phytophanere Supplements

A word (or several...) from the company:

"Phytophanère is a dietary supplement for lifeless hair & weak, brittle nails. Super nutrients like carotene, wheat germ oil & brewer's yeast nourish, protect & help maintain healthy hair & build strong nails."

We're all about the au natural... so if you're dying for longer locks (or just thicker ones...), give these vitamins a try! So far, they're receiving rave reviews across the board!


alex in wonderLAnd said...

my shed-crazy dogs take brewers yeast and suddenly I can wear black again.makes sense it could do great things for our hair, too.

Moda Greco Hairdressers said...

great product - works well whenused in conjuction with Phytocyane shampoo and treatment ampoules or Phytoaxil if you have male hair loss problems

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