Thursday, January 31, 2008

Setting the Record Straight

Okay, so I didn't want to have to do this but... there was an article written in The New York Times about the beauty blogging industry and well, let's just say that it was skewed quite a bit.

Click HERE to read the full article.

Apparently, the writer of the piece felt it necessary to insult beauty bloggers, making it sound like we only blog for the free swag.

For the record, I blog because beauty is my passion. I love to discover new products and pass them along to my blogging friends who are just as impassioned as I. And as many ladies out there know, a tube of lipstick or a free body scrub doesn't pay my rent, my car payments, my insurance... nada. What it does do, however, is allow me to stay abreast with the beauty industry, test products that I otherwise may not have the financial means to test, and then review it, and post the honest review on my blog for all to see!

I will keep blogging because I love beauty and although I may not be a beauty editor at some snazzy fashion mag, I am a beauty editor of a snazzy and fabulous beauty blog!


alex in wonderLAnd said...

Your passion for the art of makeup and skincare shines through with every posting. A pretty naive perspective from the journalist...

Beauty Banter said...

thanks for the comment and your kind words... I try, I try... and the reality is that the beauty industry has needed a major revamp for ages now. I started blogging because I thought that I could make a difference (insert naivety here..)... I actually thought that my blog would and could make people buy specific products... and yet I thought that I was the only beauty "addict" doing this... I'm clearly not... and we all share a common interest. That's what makes us enjoy this passion.

Angel Lust PR said...

yea someone spat a nasty comment at me for accepting a gift once given to me for all the blogging I did on there company. Blah Blah Blah the bottom line is bloggers GET THE WORD OUT THERE and don't make huge bucks. Besides Big companies can afford to send a sample of lip gloss to a thousand bloggers out there and then will profit a thousand times more in the end. My thing is if you don't want to except swag then don't, and you can keep the remarks to yourself. I will gladly and I will pay you back tenfold in write ups.

Christina said...

Damn straight! Glad you responded to that article Ms. Beauty, anyone who knows you or your writing can tell you're obviously not doing it for the swag. Who would spend so much of their time working on a blog and writing for free, and writing very well may I add, if it wasn't for their passion? Getting the free stuff is just a delicious occupational perk!
Keep the reviews coming, they really help me decide what I MUST have in my make up bag.
Your Beauty Banter Fan

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