Monday, January 14, 2008

Shaving In STYLE

I dread the deed of shaving. It's inconvenient, exhausting, and time-consuming. Not to mention those unfortunate nicks and burns. Any product that makes the act of shaving a little easier and a lot less painful, is a product that I am happy to purchase!

I was recently introduced to the Venereous line of female shaving products... you know, for those intimate areas down there. Well, Venereous also does wonders for the legs and underarms and, the best part, NO burns and NO cuts!

Here's how to use the products:

Step One: Shaving Oil - Spray on legs to moisturize and condition prior to shaving. It creates an oil barrier between your skin and the razor.
Step Two: Shaving Jelly - This non-foaming gel protects your skin while shaving AND can be used without water. *** Using the oil then the jelly in conjunction creates the perfect canvas for a smooth, nick-free shave***
Step Three: Mountain Mist (pictured, left) - This is probably the most coveted product of the bunch. It protects against razor burn, helps to eliminate red bumps, ingrowns and irritation and it's 100% natural. Not to mention incredibly soothing post shave. Spray over just-shaven area and allow the aloe vera, witch hazel and silk proteins to penetrate into the skin! Mountain mist can be used in between shaves AND waxes... I'm obsessed!

So next time your faced with the unfortunate task of shaving, try these products... not only to they make it easy and fun, they make you feel incredibly sexy too!


alex in wonderLAnd said...

SH, once again making my life easier. This sounds fabulous!

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