Sunday, February 24, 2008

Splendid Sunday Reads...

From the Splendicity community, comes this weeks best!

Viva Woman looks at how to prevent the growth of milia seeds around the eyes.

Shopalicious has hit upon the perfect handbag to pair with spring's almost-neon brights...

Makeup and Beauty Blog brings us a MAC Fafi Makeup Tutorial: A Black and Gold Smokey Eye.

Beauty and Fashion Tech tries the Ten Years Thinner Plan by Dr. Christine Lydon.

Her Accessories has gone to the birds and has the jewelry to prove it!

My Beauty Match asks, Are you using the right skin care cream or are you wasting your time and money?

Savvy Skin tells us The Truth About Beauty.

Sugar Shock tells us about a Supermodel-approved Makeup Remover.

Canadian Beauty is giving away 2 Summer Prize Packs worth $150 each!

ShopDiary discovers that Twenty8Twelve is now at

Stiletto Jungle says upgrade your tote bag collection with Marc Jacobs Standard Supply.

Beauty Bento Box attends the local launch event of the Sunsilk Life Can't Wait Campaign.

Tops 2 Bottoms experiments with a black and white sheer and lace dress by Zara.

Style Manila can't wait till HE by MANGO hits the streets of Manila.

Spa Beautifully wants to share a hip skin health spa in San Francisco with you.

Style...a work in progress reads a good book (and gets a good workout) with Vivienne Westwood's Opus...perhaps the ultimate coffee table book (in that it actually is the size and weight of your average coffee table...measuring just over 2.5 feet by 2 feet and weighing in at 55lbs).

NY Spender shares her pink safari fashion.

Get back to basics -- Temptalia tells you what MAC brushes you have to have.

Shoe Blitz loves these sexy and sophisticated Alexander McQueen striped pumps.

Have a very splendid week!


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