Monday, March 03, 2008

Monday Morning Wake-Me-Up!

La Mer has long been known for their ultra swanky and super expensive skin cream, Creme de la Mer. It's like the caviar of skin care, a status symbol of the rich and famous. Celebs swear by it and those who suffer from severely dry skin have dubbed it the miracle cream. It's too strong for my oily complexion, but alas, they have come out with a product that I too can swoon over!

And now, the latest installment in the skin line - The Eye Concentrate. La Mer products boast a myriad of marine and plant ingredients. Their trademark Miracle Broth is a combination of sea kelp, calcium, magnesium, citrus oil, eucalyptus, alfalfa and sunflower. These ingredients are then infused and undergo a 3-4 month bio-fermentation process where "vital energies" are released.

As for the Eye Concentrate, the folks at La Mer say that it "re-energizes the area around the eye with magnitized hematite. The dense mineral, helps boost visible firmness and tone, dramatically dissolving the appearance of dark circles and puffiness."

The science of it all is that dark circles are created by micro-capillaries - fluids beneath the skin. Like blood, hematite (a main ingredient in the Eye Concentrate) is rich in iron. The magnetized hematite is what aids in reducing dark circles.

Okay, so I don't know how much of the hoopla I actually buy into, but I will say this: the Eye Concentrate delivers visible results! From the first application, my eyes looked brighter, firmer and vitalized. It completely diminished dark circles, tightened the skin around the eye and took years off of my face! And it smells so clean, like a freshly cut cucumber!

And I'm mildly obsessed with the applicator (above, left)... fine, I'm completely obsessed! It has a silver ball-like tip that is hard like metal and cool to the touch (like an ice cube). The tip is designed to pick up the correct amount of product, then you use the silver ball to pat and press the cream onto your eye area (it is like an eye massage sans the pulling and prodding). I used the applicator with other eyes creams and it works just as well. This is an applicator that you'll hold onto long after the Eye Concentrate is devoured... it's literally that amazing! The perfect Monday morning wake-me-up! Bright eyes for a bright future!

.5 oz. - $160.00 (an expensive splurge but the applicator makes it worth it!)


Henna said...

hmm, I want that applicator!

Allison M. said...

That's amazing. I want it. How long will it last? Do you apply it every day?

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