Tuesday, March 04, 2008

SPRING forward to Beautiful BROWS

For those not in the loop, I get my brows done at Damone Roberts in the B.H. (that's Beverly Hills, CA). Sarah, my brow specialist does a phenomenal job at making my lack of arch actually look like a killer arch!

Today, Sarah Agajanian, shares, exclusively with Beauty Banter, the must-have brows of Spring, 2008

"2008 has arrived and we are now heading into spring with new trends for makeup, beauty, and clothing. The celebrity trend this year for eyebrows is “ there is no trend”. It is very key to understand that your eyebrows are supposed to reflect your natural beauty and bone structure. Here are some rules to live by when maintaining your brows!

First step is achieving balance; If you have a round face with round features your eyebrows should look angled and more defined to compliment your beauty. Now, if your features resemble angular and hard lines your brows should be soft and slightly curved.

Second step is color . If you have very blonde brows make sure you are getting them tinted a darker hue and filling them in with a powder/pencil. Make sure we can see those brows! Your face requires structure and frame and pay attention to your haircolor. If you change your hair color this spring/summer your brows must reflect how you wear your hair. This can be done through brow tinting or using a powder.

And third, if you are blessed with big beautiful brows there is a reason for it. Your brows naturally compliment what you have. Keep those brows thick, groomed, and gelled.

For every brow out there, keep your eyelids moisturized with an eye creme, style your brows with brow gel, highlight the brow bone, add some color with some powder, and keep them shaped and groomed.

Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful painting hung on a dull wall with a horrible frame. YUCK. Now imagine a beautiful painting on a bold colored wall with a beautiful frame! Which one would you rather look at?"

Take care of those brows ladies!

Products Recommended (as always, click on the product to buy!):
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nilla cookie said...

Awesome tips!

Laura said...

I have very high-maintenance eyebrows, they are thick and can be extremely unruly. I picked up this little beauty trick froma magazine: Take a clean (preferable new) baby tooth brush, mist it with hairspray and smooth it over the brow. I find gels can get too...crunchy and seem to make my brows look greasy, but I don’t receive this effect when I use hairspray!

Beauty Banter said...

I've actually used harispray too!!! I also love coating my brows in vaseline before bedtime... i feel like it conditions, nourishes, and trains the brow hairs to stay UP (my hairs grow down.... so sad)!

Beauty Banter

Anonymous said...

I've heard really good things about this Salon, but the large price tag usually scares me away a bit (I'm not used to paying more than $20 for a good eyebrow wax). Is it really worth the cost?

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