Friday, March 14, 2008


My blogger has been acting crazzzy and not really letting me sign in to post but hopefully I have rectified the problem!

For this week's must-have product, we're traveling down south... on the body!  Intimate products for your "special" areas are crucial! Of course, you can use good old baby wipes and a bar of hand soap and that'll do the trick, but why not pamper yourself down there... after all, you pamper every other part of your body!

I first became familiar with SweetSpot Lab, the Intimate Grooming Collection, a couple of years ago when I received some products in a gift bag.  The packaging is super girly and cute and the products are just as fabulous!  The line includes a gentle wash, balancing mist, and my favorite, on-the-go wipettes.... think baby wipes meets Jo Malone!  The entire line really is amazing (and an investment in your dating life as well), but I adore these wipettes because you can use them at virtually any point during the day for a gentle and refreshing boost!

On-the-go Wipettes come in 3 amazing fragrant formulas and an unscented one for those sensitive types.... Citrus Galbanum, Basil Grapefruit, and Gernaium Lavender (my favorite).  

A word (or several...) from the company:
"This especially gentle formula delivers a sophisticated clean, especially designed for women (no, not the baby!).  Alcohol-free and pH balanced for sweet spots, this cocktail offers the best of both worlds - a refresher and a pick-me-up."

Great to use before a date or after a long day of who-knows-what when you just need a little indulgence down there... 

PRICE TAG - $12.00 for packet of 30 


Angel Lust PR said...

This post takes guts girl. LOL but the line is great I use everything from them.

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