Monday, April 21, 2008

Nail Therapy, Spring 2008

Boots, down jackets, gloves... back to storage. Out come the sun dresses, bikinis and sandals!
Spring IS here!!!

What better way to get those feet in Spring form then by dishing on a few great products - designed especially for your nails and toes.

Pedicures are fabulous but in between appointments, you still need to do some major "foot work."

Here are my Nailtiques picks for stunning feet:

Avocado Foot Creme - a green, super emollient, non-greasy foot moisturizer. Great for chapped heels and calloused areas.

TIP FROM NAILTIQUES: Cut the toes off your favorite athletic socks and slip them on after moisturizing. The cloth will massage the moisturizer into your feet, leaving while your toes free to be polished.

Oil Therapy - vitamin enriched, soothing oil to moisturize and soften cuticles and dry, flakiness.

TIP FROM NAILTIQUES: Add a few drops of this Nailtiques Oil Therapy to hot water to soften feet before exfoliation. Once you’ve scrubbed, reapply Nailtiques Oil Therapy to unpolished nails and buff away unwanted ridges.

Cushioned Sponge Files - Two-sided for shaping and removing stains and ridges. The result is shiny, soft, perfect nails!

TIP FROM NAILTIQUES: Pair with Nailtiques Oil Therapy and buff away dry, cracking nails.

Terry Akins of Nubar nail polishes gives her Spring/ Summer polish picks:
" Any shade of Pink is hot for Spring /Summer. To add a splash of color to offset neutrals, try a bright pink Like nubar Geisha Blaze and if you want something to go with any outfit , try a neutral pink such as nubar Sheer Bliss polish."

And Dazzle Dry creator, Dr. Vivian Valenty, gives her polish picks for Spring/Summer (all colors are from the Dazzle Dry collection):
Heart of Fire - deep pink
Rose Quartz - semi sheer pink
Pedal to the Metal - soft pink

It looks like pink is the color to sport! Have a favorite pink polish? Let us know!


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