Thursday, May 15, 2008

Another Take on the Spring Hair Trend

As I mentioned in the Shiri Appleby post, the "bun/ braid" look is perfect for Spring... easy, care-free, and super sexy.

Beauty Banter contributing editor, Di Gaeta, shows us her take on the new do! Di says the style took her all of 5 minutes... her hair is in that "growing out" phase and she wants it out of her face as it continues to grow. So she pulled the back to the nape of her neck, pinned with bobby pins, then took her bangs and braided them to the side - not a french braid - just a regular old-fashioned braid.

Di says the trick is not letting the hair look too "done-up." Wispy's and fly-away pieces make the style that much more beachy and summer-chic! Di also added a head band for a more sophisticated, night-time effect.

She used Wen by Chaz Dean as a styling cream on dry hair. Says Di, "I rubbed a dollop on my hands and worked it into my bangs. It has a similar effect as a pomaide - giving my hair texture so that the braid holds."

How cute is this do?!

Do you have your own take on this Spring hair trend? We want to see! Email pics to:


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