Friday, May 02, 2008

Clean Feet For Summer

There's no denying that flip-flops and sandals give you dirty feet. And there's nothing less sexy then gunk on (and in) the toes.

Well, here's a solution. Just in time for summer! Earth Therapeutics Clean + Cool Foot Wipes. And let me tell you, they're amazing!!!

Infused with tea tree oil and wild mint, the wipes literally clean the dirt and revive tired feet! I've been wiping my feet clean with these for the past couple of days and they actually leave a pleasant tingle long after you're done cleaning. Sure, you could dip your toes into a bath, but that's a little timely. So try these wipes... carry them in your purse... you can use them anywhere at anytime! Simply divine!

Pack of 15 for $5.99


Linds said...

What a great product! I too hate dirty feet.

Left Brain said...

And if you're getting blisters from those shoes, you might want to try Band Aid Blister block.

Incidentally, we enjoy your blog.

Left Brain

Anonymous said...

This an awesome idea!

alex in wonderL.A.nd said...

bb, this is genius and my practically year-round sandal wearing toes thank you, too! once again, you save the day!

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