Monday, May 05, 2008

Shiri Appleby: Spring Hair Trend

We're all looking for a quick and simple way to wear our hair. We want something easy yet still sexy.

Sometimes, we're just not in the mood to do the whole blow out thing. Or, our hair is dirty and we just don't feel like washing it. Come on, you know you've been there...

Well, here's a great style that's super easy, fast, and absolutely fabulous! After all, Springs about minimizing your makeover time while still looking fierce!

Actress Shiri Appleby showed off her new Summer do at our friend Wells Butler's (owner of the amazing clothing line Primp) engagement party. It's a contemporary take on a favorite hair style: the bun! This bun, however, got a little makeover: a french braid!

Shiri says, "I love this style because it's modern and chic, yet still classic. Having your hair away from your face is somehow freeing." (not to mention it allows her natural beauty to shine through!)

In a collaborative effort, Shiri and I put together this style in a matter of minutes! Shiri did the braid, I did the bun.

the braid

the bun

the hotness

Here's how to achieve the look in a five, quick steps:

1 - Separate the front corner section of your hair from the back.
2 - Take the back bit and wrap it into a messy bun (pin up dangling pieces with a few bobby pins).
3 - French braid the front section from the left ear to the right.
4 - Take the tail of the braid and attach it to the bun with a bobby pin.
5 - Spritz a little hair spray for added hold.

It's that easy!

This is a style that you can rock anywhere at anytime and still look super sexy!


Anonymous said...

A classic take on the braid/bun, Its cute and Shiri looks lovely.

Anonymous said...

I love the braid/bun look and Shiri is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Can you please more pics. from that event?

Anonymous said...

Cute style and she look adorable.

Beauty Banter said...

Yes, Shiri is the cutest! And she's got the most amazing NATURAL hair and flawless skin!!!

I'll see if I can get her to do another beauty post next week!!

Beauty Banter

juiCybeauty said...

this is adorable!

Angel Lust PR said...

I love Primp!!!

TA said...

That style is so cute and Shiri is beautiful... I always have trouble doing a good bun, especially on myself... Do you have any how-to bun tips that you can offer?

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