Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hair Therapy: Part I

Fabulous A-list hair cutter, Jen Atkin, of the Chris McMillan Salon, bestowed the great honor of chopping (trimming) my luscious locks.... I graduated from grad school yesterday (insert claps here) and was in major need of a little snip-snip for the big day. Not much, just some reshaping so that my hair didn't appear so "heavy" (split and dead ends weigh down otherwise healthy hair) and my natural curls would spring back to life. The trick is all in the layering! You don't need to actually take off length, you just need to cut into the hair and layer, layer, layer! This also provides natural volume and body (and God knows we're all dying for more vavoom!).

As for my bangs, well, they've been a bit of a nightmare. I'm convinced that the front of my hair is thinning (as this is the ONLY party of my hair that I actually blow dry. If I didn't it would be SO puffy and frizzy). So, we've decided to let the bangs grow out and just trim them ever so slightly so that they fall just about at my lips, framing my face.

So, here's my Summer CUT (still long... I don't think I'll ever go short!):

You like????

What's YOUR summer do???


Anonymous said...

I like! You'd look good in a potatoe sack I swear! Why don't you seriously consider becoming the next Bachelorette? Someone needs to nominate you. Your hair & makeup look great(as always)!

Beauty Banter said...

LOL! I am feeling like quite a spinster these days... maybe I could be like Trista Rehn and find love on national TV?!?!?

Thanks for your lovely comment, Ms. Anonymous!!!

Beauty Banter

Gayvin said...

You look gorgeous! Congratulations on Grad school--quite a fete along with your blog! ;)

Big Hugs,


Beauty Banter said...

thanks Gayvin!!!

Beauty Banter

Kat said...

Nice hair cut, very glamorous!

Michelle said...

Hi! I'm new here, but I had to comment on your hair! It's perfect! I'm forever trying to get my bangs to fall like that when I do it myself(my hair is layered similarly). How do you style them?

Beauty Banter said...

Michelle -
You're so cute... thanks for the compliment! I actually blow out my bangs with a dryer and curling brush (this is the only part of my hair that I use a blow dryer on... the rest I air-dry). And then sometimes, I put a velcro curler in my bangs, curl the hair back, and let it chill there while I do my make-up. This adds volume and makes the pieces more accentuated!!!
hope that helps!

Beauty Banter

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