Friday, June 13, 2008

I cannot WAIT for THIS....

Lancome's newest installment to their world-renowned mascara collection is:


Here's what they have to say about the news:

"We just learned of some exciting mascara news from our team in Paris... This fall, we will be launching Ôscillation, a unique mascara that provides a 360-degree coat around each and every lash. The vibrating brush provides no fewer than 7,000 vibrations per minute for the perfect formula application. Ôscillation has four patents for technology and formula and was created by a team led by Jean-Louis Guéret, the designer of all Lancôme mascara brushes. The King of Mascara, Guéret has been the father of nearly 400 mascaras during his illustrious career."

We DEF will be pre-ordering Oscillation (although we're not too keen on the name... it's a strange one to pronounce!)!


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