Monday, June 02, 2008

On-Set Beauty Tips!

On Friday, I shot a little scene for my friend's pilot, "Grean Teem" (yes, it's meant to be misspelled).

I played one of two girls who spends the night in a "green" bus (I'll leave the rest of the plot to your wild imaginations...).

Acting is always incredibly exciting and fulfilling, but there's tons of downtime before and during shooting. I, of course, tend to find refuge in the hair and makeup trailer. With all of those amazing products, what beauty whore wouldn't love herself some cosmetic therapy?!

The hair and makeup artist working on this shoot was the lovely and talented, Cheryl Calo. She gave me big, flowing, "bed head" curls and smokey eyes (we were going for a sexy, "just-rolled-out-of-bed" look).

Cheryl Calo and Sarah Howard

Here are some of my favorite products that were used:

Mac Strobe Cream ($29.50) on the corners of the eyes - Calo says the cream, "makes the eyes pop like a filter." Eyes become brighter and more youthful (I immediately noticed a difference).

Prescriptives Beyond Long Mascara in Black ($19.50)- Lengthens without globbing (I've long been a fan of Prescriptives mascaras... their wands are brilliant!).

Mark Eye Shadow in Wings ($4.00)- It's a gold shimmer that Calo applied on the inner corner of the eye and under the bottom lashes. She loves the Mark shadows because "they are affordable and long-lasting."

Shu Uemura Blush in Red 14 ($21.00)- It's a watermelon pink hue. Calo applied the blush with a fan brush (MAC's 184($22.50)) because, "it is highly pigmented. The fan picks up a bit of color and disperses it evenly on the apples of the cheeks. It naturally blends instead of blobbing." I never understood the importance of a fan brush, until now. It really does make a major difference in application... everyone should own this brush! Regarding the blush, Calo adds, "this color warms up everything." This is my new Summer blush... I love it!

Amazing Cosmetics Concealer ($40.00)- "They're mineral, which means, better for your skin. A little goes a long way. Coverage is like camouflage. Perfect for bags under your eyes or covering tattoos," explains Calo. I am OBSESSED with this concealer... it's full coverage, without being cakey. And it lasts all day long!

Sarah Howard and Allison Jacobs (primped and prodded)

As for my hair, Calo used a curling iron to define my already wavy hair. She then rolled the curls up toward my scalp, secured them with a pin (so that the curl wouldn't "drop"... hence, why I look like Princess Leia in the picture below), and sprayed massive amounts of hair spray for added curl and hold.

Sarah Howard, Allison Jacobs, and Courtney Wagner (on-set downtime)

Right before shooting, she took out the pins, teased the crown of my head, and sprayed some more. The look: full-bodied curls!

Thanks to Cheryl for introducing me to some great new products...


Jana said...

That sounds like so much fun! I love MAC strobe cream. it's great on cheekbones too!

jog said...

you ladies look great! super summer-y! what lipsticks are you each wearing? they both look so pink and pretty!

Beauty Banter said...

Hi Jog,
We're actually both using Labello chapstick in cherry... it is THE BEST EVER... great for chapped lips with a hint of red hue!

Beauty Banter

Dollfaced Rebel said...

WOW You are a beauty!
Thanx for sharing your
experience with us. Best of Luck

sarahPUFFY said...

Hi BB! I hope you don't mind, but I tagged you on my blog! And you looked super gorge on set. The princess Leia thing actually works for you. ;D


Girl-Woman said...

Labello cherry. What a youthful look. It looks like just a hint of pink.

Beauty Banter said...

labello cherry is "the BOMB." I have used it for years! Love it, always carry at least one tube in my purse (and another in my car). It is so moisturizing without being shiny or gooey and it gives the perfect burst of natural red... like you just came in from the cold... it's FIERCE!!!!

Beauty Banter

Anonymous said...

I love shu umera makeup! The colors are so bold. I can't wait to try that blush - watermellon pink sounds like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

hey - great blog! question - how was your hair curled? did they wrap the hair around the curling iron, like holding the barrel of the iron still while wrapping a section around by the end of the hair? or did she curl it using the clamp and twisting the iron up the "traditional" way? does this make sense? hahahaha! thanks!

Beauty Banter said...

Anonymous - it makes total sense! When I curl my hair, I always do it the "traditional" way. Hair professionals love to wrap the hair around the barrel without ever moving the barrel but I feel this makes the curl look more "kinky" as opposed to curly. So, on this shoot, we did it the traditional way!

Beauty Banter

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