Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I am an eye cream addict. Yes, it's true. I admit it.

My latest discovery is Shiseido's Bio-Performance Super Eye Contour Cream and it's great for Summer - light, soothing, non-greasy.

A long time favorite eye cream of mine is Shiseido's Benefiance - it's rich, creamy, and deliciously moisturizing. But when I went to my local department store to pick up a new jar, they were ALL SOLD OUT - tragedy! I was quickly talked into purchasing the Bio-Performance Super Eye-Contour Cream and, although it's not as thick, it's actually a great alternative to the Benefiance. Here's why...

With the summer heat blazing on every inch of my body, I really don't have the need for such a rich eye cream. My skin isn't dry - not even in the loosest sense of the term - I like to use the cream as a preventative, but sometimes, I'll admit, it is a tad too "creamy" (especially during the daytime hours when it does not have the chance to fully absorb into my skin before embarking on my daily activities).

Not Bio-Performance! It's lighter and more easily absorbed into my skin yet it still gives me all of the same results as Benefiance: Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles, and dullness, as it effectively hydrates and energizes skin, etc.

I'm not permanently dissing Benefiance... as Fall rolls around I think I'll use both eye creams. Bio-Performance for day (as it absorbs much faster), Benefiance for night (as I still do love the way it makes my eyes feel so creamy and rich).

After-all, life IS all about the compromise...

$54.00 for the push-top bottle (.53 oz.)


Jana said...

I love eye cream to! The kenerase intensive eye cream is great! It is very moisturizing I love it. Have you tried it?


Beauty Banter said...

I have and I too am a fan! I actually like many of their products.

Beauty Banter

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