Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Eye Cream Crisis

I've been trying not to be such a hoarder lately - in essence, I'm attempting to use all of my products that have been piling up in the cabinets and under the bed. It's part of a "me" cleanse - uncluttering my life to make room for bigger and better things (how Oprah of me, I know!).

I vaguely remember purchasing the Kiehl's Cryste Marine Firming Eye Treatment. I strutted into the boutique on Robertson Boulevard in search of a hydrating eye cream that prevented wrinkles - not as thick as the Imperiale Repairateur Eye Balm (this is basically a tub of oils), yet not as gentle as the Eye Alert. So, I settled on the Cryste Marine. I used it a few times and then somehow, forgot that I even owned it (this happens quite often as I consume SO MANY products that I usually try them and move on.... unless I absolutely die over them, then they are awarded permanent residence on the shelf).

A few weeks ago I decided to briskly "clean out" my product cabinet (and by "clean out" I really mean "move around") and that's when I rediscovered the Cryste Marine eye cream. I've gotta say, the second time around, I'm definitely feeling the love. I've used it religiously every night before bed because I like how soothing and firming it leaves my eye area. It absorbs quickly, forgoing that terrible "shiny eye" look that so many eye creams leave behind.

But I've noticed a major issue: it smells like S#%^!!! Seriously, the aftersmell is so vile I refuse to wear the cream during the day for fear that someone will stand too close to my face and cringe in disgust! The only reason I can think of for the smell is that one of the main ingredients in the cream is Criste Marine, "an unusual botanical found aside the Mediterranean Sea, as well as Padina Pavonica." Could this be the cause of the foul smell???

I really do like this product - it delivers results and I can feel the cream penetrating the eye area... so, I'm feeling desperate here.... what should I do? Move on or deal?

Have you ever had a product that you love, yet you can't stand the smell? If so, what did you do?
Beauty Banter needs YOUR help!!!


Lisa said...

I have a sensitive nose too so I would have to throw it out. I don't like anything that smells too floral!

Jody said...

Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in 112 Beige. Hate the packaging, hate the smell. A poster on makeupalley said it's fig scented, but to me it's like stale plastic.

But I love, love, LOVE the color. My best nude lip ever. (I don't even wear Estee Lauder.)

For the price I want packaging that makes me feel glamorous and a smell I love.

So what I do is I pretend I can live without it, in between tubes. Just now I've scraped almost all out of the cylinder with my lip brush, so I'm about to buy another. Sigh.

Beauty Banter said...

Lisa and Jody:
I feel both of your pain! I too have a sensitive nose and that's why I can't deal with the vile smell. But like Jody, I love the cream.... I don't NEED it, but I WANT it... why can't they make it smell like freshly cut cucumbers or an avocado??? Is that too much to ask?!

Beauty Banter

Anonymous said...

If I really don't like the smell of something, I'll add a drop of lavender oil to it. You can use any oil that you prefer, I love lavender though (and it works well to hide bad smells).

Hope that helps!


Anna said...

that's so funny! sometimes i think that makeup brushes smell. i always just assumed it was the way they were manufactured. maybe it's a specific ingredient that is unhealthy for our faces??????

Marina said...

HA! that is too funny. What does it smell like?

- Marina

P.S. love the blog!

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