Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Saffron James Parfum

I recently discovered the wonder of Saffron James, a relatively new perfume line created by Katherine Growney, a former editor of Elle and Lucky Mags. She grew up half-Hawaiian and the influences of the line come from her Hawaiian island roots.

There are three scents in the collection. In my opinion, each of the oils has a bit of a muskier aroma to it - not musky in an overly perfumey way, but rather musky in a strong, dark, intoxicating way. I actually really enjoy all three unique scents, although I do feel they are better suited for fall and winter as they don't carry that tropical, light, fruity smell.

Here are the scents:

LE’A (lay-a): Joy, pleasure, happiness, merriment; sexual gratification, orgasm. 2. Arcturus the zenith star of the Hawaiian Islands. 3. An olfactory homage to the Plumeria flower. 4. A captivating scent with notes of Pink and White Plumeria, Pineapple Leaf, Passionflower and Hibiscus. **Beauty Banter Favorite**

‘UME (oo-may): 1. To draw, pull, attract, entice. 2. A sexual game for Hawaiian commoners. 3. An olfactory homage to the White Ginger flower. 4. A beguiling scent with notes of Ginger Absolute, Waterlily, Gardenia, Yuzu and Mousse de Chene.

PŪNONO (pooh-no-no): Filled with sunshine, ever beautiful; flushed red, as the skin (to blush). 2. To make attractive with bright or red colors, to dress or appear gorgeous. 3. An olfactory homage to the Puakenikeni flower. 4. An intoxicating scent with notes of Ylang Ylang, Pikake, Carnation, Vanilla and Tunisian Opium.

How amazing are these explanations??? The website is JUST as creative and thought-provoking... check it out by clicking HERE! The bottles are clean, squared glass with oversized wooden tops. Simple and elegant... tres classy!

$85.00 for 30 ml


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