Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I love a little roll-on action. Miss Marisa has long been a favorite perfume oil of mine (click HERE to read why all the boys freak for this scent). I've worn it almost every day for the past 2 years!!!

Well, watch out Miss Marisa - you've got some major competition... and her name is Sharon Bolton!

Sharon Bolton Scents roll-on perfume oils are simply scrumptious! There's three of them in total - luv, truth, and my personal favorite, can't-live-without, soul.

We'll start with LUV: An intoxicating, ultimately feminine scent of rare pink gardenia, lush Hawaiian white flowers, and a hint of creamy vanilla with a delicate whisper of white musk. What a way to fall in LUV!
I actually do "luv" this scent - it's got a strong tropical aroma very reminiscent of an island getaway... perfect for summer.

TRUTH: A refreshing, clean citrus... think tangy lemon-lime... softened by an exotic floral and an airy, sheer musk... fresh like a warm sea breeze!
In my opinion, the most "perfumey" scent of the bunch. Not particularly my personal cup of tea... but if you like muskier aromas, you'll dig this.

SOUL: Sweet tropical notes that will evoke a memory for your soul. Juicy papaya, luscious pineapple, and creamy coconut with undertones of clean musk. It’s enough to sweep you away to the islands.
I'm not a huge fan of candy sweet, and this perfume isn't that. It's sweetness is derived from a tropical place - like an island breeze mixed with a refreshing Pina Colada! This is my must-have summer scent!!! I literally want to lick the roll-on (I know, such disturbing imagery) every time I remove the top. The smell is THAT AMAZING! Yet on my body, it's delicate, not overwhelming (I'm constantly getting loads of compliments... "you smell so great... what IS that?)! And lets be honest, smelling purrrfect is half the battle!

A word (or several...) about the company:
"Sharon Bolton luxurious scents capture the essence of the Polynesian Islands fresh and exotic lifestyle and the breezy seaside town of Santa Barbara reflecting a sense of luxury and intimacy it’s known for. Our essential oil perfumes are a luxe blend of pure natural essential oils and exotic perfume essences. These pure scents are alcohol free providing long lasting wear. Luv, Soul, Truth are all heady, alluring tropical concoctions to be worn alone or layered. These exotic scents all contain notes providing uplifting, harmonizing elements for body and soul."

If you're a fan of the roll-on like me (and really, who isn't? They're great for on-the-go application, perfect for a night clutch too!), then these exotic oils are a summer must-have for you too!

PRICE TAG: $42.00 for 1/8 oz (roll-on)


Anonymous said...

These sound great. I do like how convenient rollon perfumes are too.

thanks for the tip!

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