Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Debuting My NEWEST Hair Color...

(directly after color)

(week after color)

It's lighter, brighter, and sassier... Golden, glossy, sun-streaked, and actually HEALTHY!!! (I'm clearly trying to channel my inner Giselle - as in, Tom Brady's lady friend). The best part is that the color actually gets bolder and better with time!!!

Reynald Ricard, uber colorist at the Pierre Michel Salon in NYC, worked his magic on my mane. I wanted something that would POP - a color that wouldn't become too brassy if I was out and about in the sun (as I am, 90 percent of the time, being that I live in sunny Los Angeles). So, Reynald did some baliage - where he "paints" the bleach into the hair sans the foils (I believe this is the ONLY way to have highlights done - the result is way more natural-looking). Reynald is like an artist, his canvas is the hair. He actually "fingers" the ends of the hair with bleach in a very crazy manner producing a gorgeous, au-natural "firecracker" display of highlights. Apparently, this technique is called, froissage and I adore the outcome - It truly is a work of art!

If you live in NYC or are just there to visit, stop by the Pierre Michel Salon and have a quick boliage or froissage with the artist himself, Reynald. And tell him I sent you - he's insanely patient with my constant hair crisis!

And P.S. Ask for the head massage (Reynald is also a master masseuse - it's half the reason I fly all the way to NYC just to have him play with my locks). Trust me, it's like hair therapy (and well worth the three-thousand mile trip)!

So.... do YOU like my new color???

The Pierre Michel Salon in NYC: 212-755-9500


Kristy said...

Love it!

Beauty Banter said...

Thanks Kristy!
I'm really please with it too...

Beauty Banter

The Home Spa Goddess said...

It looks great:)

kuuipo1207 said...

Wow!! Smoking hot hair! Love it! Looks great on you.

Anonymous said...

I literally gasped out loud...it's a beautiful color :D

tokyostargirl said...

It looks great! Your hair looks so healthy!

Beauty Banter said...

AHHHH Thanks, girls!

I love it too!

everyone should try a new color for September! I call it the "back-to-school" color!

Beauty Banter

alex in wonderL.A.nd said...

the color is brilliant. it's like the highlights one would get as a kid spending te entire summer in the pool and at the beach...you couldn't buy those amazing variations. well, i think perhaps now you can :)

and to think i was in the city two weeks ago...ugh.

Anonymous said...

Color is gorgeous!!!

Just FYI - it's called "baliage" not "boliage."

Beauty Banter said...

Ms. Spell-checker -
thanks for catching that... duly noted and fixed!

Beauty Banter

Anonymous said...

I adore your blog. I just came across it while searching through blogdorfs blogroll and have been enjoying playing catch up. I love the hair color you posted on the blog post about the baliage and so called "frossiage". this is absolutely the look i have been trying for with numerous hair stylists. so here is my question, my colorist is french and does the whole painted highlights with bailage, and it looks great. i have tried to explain to her if there was anyway possible she could make the bottom lighter (like giseles, or ashlee simpson a while back) it looks gorgeous, and thats how hair naturally lightens anyway. my highlights turn out very natural but i never get the desired effect of lighter ends... So when i go to her for my back to school hair next tues should i mention this frossiage hair technique? and did your hair colorist "finger" the bleach onto the ends when the bleach was already placed at the root? sorry i know that is a lot questions but the only thing i can make sense of is that the hair stylist put extra bleach on the ends for it to be lighter.

Beauty Banter said...

dear Anonymous,
thanks for your kind words! baliage and frossiage both make the hair color seem "sun spilt" and natural. basically, what he does is tease the hair, then he takes the bleach in his hand and applies it lightly as if he were just tapping the teased sections.
Sometimes he will "jackson pollack" my hair by putting bleach on a brush and whipping it toward certain sections for a very au natural look...
does this help?

Beauty Banter

Anonymous said...

wow yea it def does. see i thought this whole frossiage thing was focused on the ends i did not realize it was mainly for the top of the head, where your stylist teased your hair. thanks for clearing that up :)

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