Monday, August 18, 2008

Nars: Fall 2008 with PICS!

As we previously mentioned, the Nars Fall 2008 colors are currently available -
Just in case you've forgotten:

Dolce Vita Blush Dusty rose $25.00

Fez Single Eyeshadow Velvety cocoa $22.00
Isolde Duo Eyeshadow (pictured below) Frosted ginger & shimmering copper $32.00
Cordura Duo Eyeshadow Shimmering warm rich brown & shimmering sooty dark brown $32.00
Beautiful Liar Lipstick (pictured: below, left)/span> Sheer spiced coral $24.00
SeƱorita Lipstick (pictured: below, right) Sheer shimmering cherry blossom $24.00
Female Trouble Lip Gloss Lilac mauve $24.00

Rebell Yell Nail Polish Dusty pomegranate $16.00

We finally had the chance to test the goods.... and here's what we're feeling:

This is SUCH a wearable collection! Everything shimmers! The lippies are gorgeous (**Senorita's our fave**), the blush is the perfect shade of rose for wind-blown cheeks, and **Isolde eyeshadow duo** is insane! This is our absolute favorite shadow that we've tried for Fall - it's two of the best golden hues ever (great for brown or hazel eyes). All of the products pair together perfectly with each other... must, must haves!

Do YOU have a favorite Nars Fall product??? Let us know!


ash p said...

I want it all!!!! :)

-Ashley P

Lydia said...

the eyeshadow looks beautiful. nars makes the best blushes to.

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