Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Keira Knightley on the September cover (the most coveted) of Vogue Magazine...

(click image to enlarge)

Ummm, is her hair pulled back or is this just a very bad hair day?

Can someone please explain to me what exactly she is wearing? (I count 2 belts, a dress, jeans or slacks - not sure, and a choker necklace).

This is the September cover... that's supposed to mean something! September sets the entire year of fashion in motion.

I feel like we're being Punk'd... Where's Ashton?


Phyrra said...

The only thing nice I can say about it is that I like the color of her top, not the top itself.

dynelle said...

I thought the same thing when i saw this cover. I first saw it on perez and immediately thought someone was making fun of the cover. it totally gives you that Sesame Street song, "which of those things is doing it's own thing..." - she does doesn't belong

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