Monday, September 29, 2008

Holy Grail Mascara (of the Moment)

Everyone boasts about their "holy grail" mascara - the perfect blend of length, volume, separation and deep color, that evokes a "false lashes" look without the need for actual false lashes. There's no denying that the perfect mascara is a personal preference (and one that often changes with the times... and invention of new, amazing mascaras).

Well, ladies, after endlessly searching the department store and drugstore aisles, I've finally found my personal holy grail mascara (of the moment)!

Cover Girl Lash Blast
- yes, it's been around for awhile but I've only just been introduced to it.

I was recently shuffling through my good friend, Nicky Hilton's, makeup counter in her bathroom when I came across the oddly shaped orange tube. I pointed to the tube and asked, "what's that" and Nicky replied that it's a great drugstore find: Cover Girl's coveted Lash Blast. I'd heard of the mascara although I had yet to try it. I thought to myself, "Hmmm - if it's good enough for Nicky's lashes, I'm sure it's good enough for mine" (Nicky's very well-versed on all things cosmetics - her bathroom counter is every beauty whore's wildest (and wettest) dream... products galore!)

So, I immediately tested the mascara on my own lashes and the results were tremendous - my lashes appeared massively long, gorgeously thick, completely separated and perfectly black! And the wand - oh that amazingly oversized, plastic wand (perfect for volumizing and declumping) - I swear that the beauty of this mascara lies within that incredible wand (and you know how much I love a good wand!). It was everything I had been searching for in a single mascara. Just look at my lashes, post Lash Blast:

Pretty, pretty long... (people keep asking me if I'm wearing false lashes... I simply respond, as if!)

Of course, I booked it to my local CVS and bought myself a tube. And the icing on the already gorgeous cake: the mascara is under $10.00! It retails for around $9.00!

If you don't own this mascara yet, I implore you to buy it asap! Your lashes will thank-you...


Arlene said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this mascara! It's amazing. It not only lengthens and fullifies (I know this isn't a word) the lashes but it doesn't leave you with raccooon eyes by the end of the day!

Beauty Banter said...

Arlene -
You are SO right... no raccoon eyes!
Love, love, love this mascara!!! We're actually already engaged....

Beauty Banter

Angel Lust PR said...

Wow its been a while since I posted. GREAT advice I am getting a tube asap. this 9 dollar wonder looks like better quality results than what I've seen double at sephora....Sephora I still love you. Can't wait S...

Tessa said...

I absolutley love this mascara. All I need to leave my house is this mascara, it cosemtics lip plumping gloss, and make up for ever powder foundation!!!

Beauty Banter said...

this is killer mascara, girls!
Kristen, let me know how you like it.

Beauty Banter

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