Monday, September 08, 2008

Honey is YUMMY... and Good For the Skin too!

I am loving this line of bath products that I recently discovered - Le Couvent des Minimes with Honey and Shea Butter. It's all natural formula and delicious honey aroma offer an intoxicating bathing experience!

The honey is perfect for the changing season. As Fall rolls around, the tropical Summer scents need to be replaced with something more rich and wholesome. Apparently, honey also "acts as a primary source in curing acne, disinfecting wounds, nourishing skin and rejuvenating dead cells."

The Skin Softening Sugar Scrub is drenched in a thick honey-like liquid. It's not too abrasive and it leaves skin amazingly soft and nourished. It comes with a wooden spoon to scoop up the lovely scrub from the jar (and offset any unfortunate messes). It contains a blend of almond, apricot, grape seed oils and sweet sugar to remove dead skin cells without being irritating.

The Skin Softening Body Balm is my absolute favorite. It has the consistency of actual honey - not as thick as a whipped body butter, not as light as a lotion. It's beautiful ivory color is slightly gooey like a honey substance and it completely moisturizes even the most parched skin. It literally "melts" into the skin.

The combination of both products leaves my body smooth, glowing, hydrated and smelling like a bee hive (not just my skin, my bathroom too!).

The scent also comes in a foot cream, hand cream (dying to try!), shower gel, lotion, lip balm and soap!

Sugar Scrub - $28.00 for 14.1 oz
Body Blam - $26.00 for 8.8 oz


Anonymous said...

My favorite new body products are from the Pure Fiji coconut line. Their scrub in coconut is small but amazzzzzzing!!!

Beauty Banter said...

I love coconut too! Fiji's scrub is great. This honey scrub is an awesome alternative to coconut.

Beauty Banter

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