Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This product cracks me up - and yet, I cannot believe it hasn't been made before! No. 2 By Poo-Pourri is the must-have toilet accessory! Here's what the back of the bottle reads: "Spray the loo before number two and no one will ever have a clue." The rhyming is so... cutesy! Sigh...

You're supposed to spray 4 - 6 spritzes directly into the toilet water prior to taking a... you know, dump. The product is meant to cover the water bowl and mask any smell that may emit from your... bowel movement. The spray has a very strong yet pleasant lemon zinger aroma (almost like a sweet lemon custard) - but not like cleaning products - it's more perfumed and fragrant then your everyday household Lysol. Unlike most bathroom sprays, this one is preventative (like vitamin C for the common cold), Poo-Pourri (get it?) works prior to the... dump, not after!

The bottle is quite small and girlie - at first, I actually thought this was a body spray! It goes unsuspecting as a crapper cover-up!

Does it work? How would I know... I never do number 2!

But I'll tell you what, I'm leaving it next to the toilet just in case any of my friends decide to "unload" in my casa!

PRICE TAG: $9.95


rita said...

of course, a lady never does number 2 :)

Nalo Jones said...

this sounds so cute, I think I want to go out and buy it

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