Friday, October 17, 2008


A great gloss can make a gloomy day shine as bright as the sun! Prescriptives has been rocking the gloss department lately (remember the Colorscope lip glosses from this summer? Click HERE for a refresher!) and their newest installment does not disappoint!

Prescriptives LipShine
is like a hybrid between a matte lipstick and a sparkly lip gloss. It comes in a thin stick (convenient for clutch travel), adds a burst of color and a healthy dose of shine - but your pout isn't overtaken by the shine factor. The lippies are rather moisturizing, never gooey, and application is smooth, silky and super easy!

My current color obsession is the Boysenberry, a light mauve-like hue with a glimmer of shimmer - but the other 11 colors are gorgeous too...

Here they are:

Vanilla Latte
Iced Coffee
Mocha Chill
Bellini Fizz
Strawberry Twist
Pink Smoothie
Raspberry Ice
Boysenberry **Beauty Banter Fave**
Black Cherry

Their names evoke such subtle thirst pangs, don't you think?

PRICE TAG: $17.50


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