Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Fave Candles For Fall

Here at Beauty Banter we know how important it is to have a beautiful smelling home (almost as important as soft, exfoliated skin!). Naturally, like choosing a shade of red lipstick, there are SO MANY amazingly scented home fragrances to rummage through.

So, in the spirit of the Holiday Season (and cause we know what an easy and great gift a candle is to give and receive), we've narrowed down the selection to our top 5 fave candles for Fall, each with a distinct smell and memory to draw on.

In alphabetical order:

Diptyque Opopanax - A rustic-scented candle reminiscent of a log cabin. Notes of cedar give it a musky quality and a dash of vanilla offers warmth. Opopanax is actually an aromatic resin extracted from a plant in Egypt. Nostalgia brings me to a walk through the woods, my boots sloshing in the freshly fallen snow (if it ever actually snowed in L.A.). Now, if only I could pronounce the name!
Sweet rustic afterscent.
$60.00 for 6.5 oz

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir - A rich and spicy aroma with a hint of sweetness. Blend of pomegranate, raspberry (the sweetness), frankincense (the spiciness) and patchouli. Nostalgia brings me to my mother's house on thanksgiving dinner... a fire blazing in the fire place, mom in the kitchen catering to the turkey, and the yummy scent of pomegranate lingering in the air. That's what this candle embodies... happy memories.
Spicy afterscent.
$65.00 for 200 g
Nest Wild Oats and Bourbon - The warmth of bourbon combined with notes of mandarin ginger (spicy) and wild oats (rustic). This is the ideal blend of rich and earthy tones. Nostalgia brings me to a windy Fall day, all smells-of-life colliding in the epicenter of my nose. I make my way through the leaf-blown street and enter the foyer of a warm house with yet another fire blazing in the fireplace. Rustic decadence; the embodiment of Fall.
Rustic afterscent.
$32.00 for 8.1 oz

Tocca Agadir - A ripened scent of the "tobacco blend burned in the“narghila” pipes." Inspired by the countryside in Morocco (and I am half Moroccan), this aroma offers a sweet yet rich interpretation of the simple life. Nostalgia brings me to changing seasons, the leaves turning that incredible shade of orange and red, standing on a mountain top, breathing in the brisk air, warmed by the last rays of sunshine.
Sweet afterscent.
$35.00 for 10.6 oz

Trees Gift - A robust scented candle with 12 fragrant oils. Notes of basil, chamomile and lemongrass create a juxtaposition of aromas. At one whiff, sweet, yet another, spicy. Gift was formulated with purpose - to cleanse and purify emotions and release thoughts and attitudes to achieve happiness. Nostalgia brings me to a house on a cliff - waves breaking just below. It's an overcast day and the fog hinders sight yet the nose overcompensates with a blast of fresh and lively scents. Is it the ocean air, the sand on the dunes or the garden beside the house? It's a little bit of everything. Be warned: highly fragrant!
Spicy afterscent.
$65.00 for 6oz


Anonymous said...

I LOve Jo Malone Candles - I'm a brit - and they just remind me of home.. lolol.. again love your site Su :)

chloe said...

what a great post! I LOVE CANDLES, they bring back certain memories in me too!

Anonymous said...

Tocca Candles are my favorite!!! Agadir is good, but Stella is the best@!

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